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Expressive Art

This art class is a safe space for women to express themselves freely, creatively, and emotionally. Expressive painting uses several mediums and is not limited to just paint and canvas. This is a very open ended class where your instructor will guide you to listen to your inner self and choose colors and techniques based on feelings. This class is for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists, all levels are welcome!

Women Practicing Yoga

Beginners Yoga

This is a gentle beginners yoga class for women. The class is geared towards relaxation and to help reduce anxiety. 

Self Defense Training


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Debbie Y.

"This class was like therapy! It really helped calm my nerves. I suffer from bi-polar disorder." 

Carol S.

"I have never taken an art class like this before! The expressive classes have helped me let go of locked up emotions in a warm environment."

Rebecca T.

"Healing through art to me means being able to express yourself without restriction and that's what this class did. It helped me express without judging myself."

Coming Soon!

Female Dancer

Dance Therapy

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Comedy Improv

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Writing with Pen

Creative Writing

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