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We're Publishing A Book!

The Usual Artspects is compiling the stories of female survivors of sexual

abuse for a book of inspiration for survivors.

Incredibly, one in every three women in America will be sexually abused.

Yet, it is not uncommon for survivors of sexual assault to feel alone and

isolated. Sharing stories can play both a vital role in one’s own recovery and

help others still suffering with trauma. If you are a female survivor of sexual

abuse, we heartily welcome you to submit your story for publication in our



How to Submit Your Story:

-Send a 1-3 page word document of your story

to along with your first name, first initial of

your last name, and the city and state where you live.

-You are welcome to submit under a “pen name” or anonymously as well.

Otherwise, your story will be published under your first name and last initial

and the city and state where you live. We will NOT release your last name

anywhere in our book.  


What We Are Looking For:

-We want to read your story in your own words. Express what happened, but

also focus on how it made you feel, how it changed you, and how you are

doing now.



-You must be a female.

-You must be 16 years or older to submit. 

-The telling of your story must be PG/PG-13 and suitable for readers 16 and

older. This is not to censor your story in any way but is strictly for the

purpose of reaching a wider audience of readers as these books will be sold

at family friendly events.

Deadline to Submit: February 26th

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